One of the things we love during our work process, is the creation of bespoke jewelry. What is bespoke? You can either change an existing piece, create something entirely new, or transform old pieces of jewelry carrying sentimental value and heritage. We believe in the power of relationships and strong bonds, so we aim to listen to your stories, moments, needs and transform all these into an entirely personal and magical piece of jewelry. Capturing special moments, milestones in life and important relationships, you can create an entirely customized piece of jewelry such as initial letters, birthstones or a personalized symbol. One of the most exciting part of this process for us, is when you bring your old jewelry, that usually is stored and forgotten. You trust with us, all the heritage and story behind each piece. It is a great honor for us, sharing your moments and feelings. With a lot of care and respect we love giving life to these special stories through jewelry. We transform the old pieces of jewelry or precious stones and we feel like being part of its new life scenario. An exclusive service of bespoke jewelry, is what Katerina loves the most. Her deep interest focuses on precious stones and their healing properties. She connects with you discovering your inner state, both emotionally and spiritually. Following her intuition and through her path as a lightworker (reiki healer) she can suggest the appropriate precious stones according to your needs.


In caring for your jewelry, it’s important to understand the vulnerability of precious stones and 18K gold, that is mostly used in our lab. We recommend following some steps, in order to maintain your jewelry’s beauty along the years. Due to the purity of the metal which is quite soft, it needs to be treated with care. Avoid wearing your precious jewelry during sleep, exercise, swimming, gardening, or other activities that may be harmful. Chemicals and extreme temperature can also affect the quality of all fine jewelry. Some tips for maintaining your jewelry’s radiance: Dip the jewelry in warm water, add some mild dishwashing detergent, clean it with a toothbrush and then dry it with a soft cloth. While cleaning your jewelry make sure to check the stone setting and that its secure. This tip doesn’t include emerald stone, as with a sudden change of temperature from warm to cold water, it may break. Lapis lazuli is also excluded by this process, as by using water the stone may lose its shine. Turquoise stone is quite soft so it should be cleaned with only water, without using dishwashing detergent. Black rhodium plated process and matte finishing may fade over time. We are always at your disposal for any further advice and we can also help with the procedure.