Katerina Kouloubourou

Transformed her family heritage into her personal vision.
Her whole family was dedicated for more than 40 years long to fine jewelry, so she grew up and learned to appreciate quality and preciousness. She studied Gemology in Vicenza, Italy in 1998 and she graduated from Gemological Institute of America (GIA). She then moved to Antwerp and was assigned as a certified gemologist for a specialized diamond sale company. Katerina at first experienced an inner conflict between her family’s inheritance and her own personal perspective, not only for jewelry design but also for her entire worldview. In order to express herself, she created a unique “temple” reflecting her true nature and inner creativity and that’s how. The Lab of KK Jewelry Lab was formed. Her own personal transformation and evolvement continues till today, while her deep interest focuses on precious stones and their healing properties. She becomes enchanted by creating unique pieces that reflect every soul’s story, as she deeply connects with each spiritual energy through the power of love and healing. Katerina is always discovering and reinventing herself through many different practices, yoga, nature, music etc. and believes in the magic of simple everyday moments. Her creations reflect her inner passion for beauty, harmony and wellbeing.


We grew up here, we create here

Our Lab is the center of our creative world.
It is the start and finish line for all our jewelry. As the inspiration derives from every aspect of Katerina’s life, it takes form in the lab under the constant care of our experienced team. Katerina deeply connects with people and she has been working with the same team for more than 20 years. Trust and loyalty are fundamental values of our brand. Our focus along with quality and fine aesthetics, is transparent production, supporting local craftsmen as we follow an ethical approach of working conditions and fair wages. Apart from our collections, we love sharing ideas with you and creating through our bespoke service. Katerina, believes in the magical power of transforming old jewelry of sentimental value, into something unique and contemporary. She is open and interested in hearing your personal story and convert it into a special creation carrying its vibration.