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our history
A fresh start

With a 35-year presence in the fine jewelry industry, we reinvent ourselves by emphasizing on a new style while maintaining the same, well-known and indisputable quality in exceptional jewelry creations. Our history goes back in the late 1970s to a small goldsmith lab at Syntagma Square, Athens.

Deep knowledge, professionalism and passion for fine jewelry paved the way to success. The small goldsmith lab gained new wholesale customers day by day and soon, Kouloubourou Family Jewelry became the trusted partner for those involved in the precious stones and metals’ business. Fast growth made it necessary to move to more spacious premises, allowing for more craftsmen to be enrolled into the jewelry making which led us to our current location. Twenty five years later, KK Jewelry Lab is still here, at the very same place, keeping up with the same passion and affection for fine jewelry and adding to its undoubted reputation the visions and inspiration of our new generations.

our lab
We grow up here, we create here

Our Lab is the center of our world. It is the start and finish line for all our jewelry, from the moment a piece is conceived as a genuine idea to the very moment it is handed out to its new owner. The Lab was totally renovated in 2011 in order to inspire and reflect the creativity of our people. .

ΟΚΚ Jewelry Lab is located at the same premises since 1990. Back then, it was a wholesale jewelry specialized in brilliant-cut diamonds. In 2011, the lab was totally renovated in order to reflect the style and vision of the new generation of Kouloubourou Family. The patio of Japanese garden in the heart of our building lets the warm sunlight in, adding to the harmony of our interior spaces and making it easier for us in ΚΚ Jewelry Lab to communicate our philosophy and culture.

our philosophy
We believe in eternal jewelry beauty

KK Jewelry Lab creations are inspired by you. Our vision is to create pieces of art elevating the meaning of design and value in jewelry while also reflecting your entrusted wishes and aspirations.

our people
We believe in team work

KK Jewelry Lab is powered by talented people inspiring one another with personal skills and team spirit. The core team is formed by four members enhanced in creativity and innovation at all levels by satellite partners.


Our Team

The stylist

A good way to kick off her day is outdoors, for Katerina believes that inspiration is waiting somewhere out there, into the real life. She loves yoga, healthy food, nature and above all, she loves people.

Katerina brings to the Lab her own style and creativity. Should we mention that she is born in this glamourous world of fine jewelry? And we mean it literally! Just think that her first room as a child was right here, in the Lab, where her own kids, Electra and Nicolas, made their first steps too. Katerina is the person behind KK Jewelry Lab fresh start and the leader to new paths and endeavors.

The stem cell

Popie always starts her day with a nice Greek coffee with a half teaspoon of sugar. She is the stem cell carrying KK Jewelry Lab history and status quo.

After almost four decades, Popie enjoys loyal friendships with her customers who come by for a coffee and a warm hug first and then for jewelry. Her vast experience does not allow us to “bother” her for any less than a 2-carat stone. She is always apt for new challenges and projects either dealing with her grandchildren or with fine jewelry for her dear friends.

The expert

Mary grew up surrounded by colors, tools and temperas and never managed to escape them (well, this comes with an artist dad!). So, if you are looking for Mary, try amongst paints and brushes and you will find her somewhere tinkering.

Mary knows KK Jewelry Lab better than anyone else. She holds a personal record of some thousands (!) precious stones over the last 20 years. There is no piece of jewelry entering into its final stage unless Mary says it is OK – and believe it or not – she does not says so unless she sees for herself and is 100% sure!

The contact

Marini lives to communicate, communicates to live. Her motto is ... "life is moments, make sure they are precious" and it can change all her plans just for a walk in the sea and the sun.

Her daily routine with customers, partners, easy (or not) going, gives her an unstoppable energy to solve all the issues and make things happen. You will find her looking out on the patio in the showroom and negotiating the best way to maximize publicity for kkjewelrylab. Tip: When she tells you that she is planning sales of kkjewelrylab around the world ... do not challenge her.

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we're creative
crafting with love

After 35 years of fine jewelry making tradition, we are proud to share the same values and passion with the most competent craftsmen in the market to whom we trust the creation of our jewelry until it comes to the hands of their new owners. Making a new piece of jewelry is a unique journey in magic and we are used to enjoy it together.

 I never hated a man enough to give him diamonds back 

Zsa Zsa Gabor

  If you can't be better than your competition, just dress better 

Anna Wintour

 Fashions fade, style is eternal 

Yves Saint Lauren

 There is no better designer than nature 

Alexander McQueen

 Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life 

Bill Cunningham

 The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive 

Coco Chanel

we are passionate

you make the memories, we make the jewelry

bespoke jewelry
We tell your stories

In ΚΚ Jewelry Lab, we create unique jewelry for people entrusting us with their wishes and aspirations. Read more about KK Jewelry Lab personalized services.

ΚΚ Jewelry Lab provides personalized services to our clients by giving them the opportunity to take part in all stages of unique jewelry creations. To us, you are precious and special and this is exactly how we want you to feel when wearing our jewelry. If you too want to feel this experience, first pay a visit to our lab in order to discuss your initial ideas and inspirations. Then let us show you our design, the proposed gemstones and precious metals and once you agreed, we are to make sure that you get the jewelry reflecting the value and design that you dreamed of and deserve.

We like making new friends

We are always open to new and long-lasting business relationships and ready to share our creations and offer custom made jewelry and gifts for certain occasions.

Our aim when dealing with a corporate customer is to create the jewelry reflecting best their corporate values, always through the style and quality of KK Jewelry Lab.

We treasure images to create jewelry

Our inspiration is the world that we live in and the people that we meet.

KK Jewelry Lab Collections vary in material and design while always maintaining delicate line and brand features. However, we love challenge and we happily respond to capsule collections.

we are genuine
We respect raw materials

All our jewelry is handmade using certified materials. The fine quality of our creations is guaranteed in all steps by our experienced artists, designers and craftsmen.

All precious stones are certified by KK Jewelry Lab while diamonds of more than 0.70 carats are additionally certified by international gemological institutes (e.g. GIA, IGI and HRD). Our four-decade history and trust relationship with the best suppliers and craftsmen in the market allow us to guarantee the quality of the raw materials that we use for our creations.

sneak peek

some of our work